We are dedicated to creating transparency and accessibility in scholarly research and peer review through providing a means for researchers to connect to independent, qualified reviewers and translators. We give control of research back to researchers and provide a platform to facilitate the exchange of scientific research faster than ever before.

Our Mission

Currently the academic publishing industry has no transparency, is expensive and doesn’t have any standardisation. Perede is a blockchain based platform for academic peer-reviewing and article translation, where we connect researchers with reviewers and translators from all over the world.

Our Services

Researchers can submit their written papers on our platform and choose whether they want it published, the amount of reviews they desire, the field of their research and the required rating for the reviewer. The researcher will then pay the required amount correlating with their chosen specifics.

Our Advantage

Our competitive advantage is that we are first-to-market.
We are independent of any currently existing academic journal and add full transparency, while cutting down the costs dramatically compared to currently existing academic journals. 


Lotte van Noort

CEO & Founder

Global Chancellor & Regional President (USA) of the Institute of Exponential Sciences

Co-founder and board member Ascendance Interactive

High Fashion model

Xiomara C.N. Cooke

COO & Founder

Regional Director (USA) Institute of Exponential Sciences

Co-founder of EZHit

Candidate for JD at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Research Assistant at Northwestern University

Laurens Wes

CTO & Founder

CTO Institute of Exponential Sciences

Paul Spiegel

CLO & Founder


Founder of Eclectic Law

Founder at Libertas Biomedical

FAST Science and Technology Advisor at CLSA - California Life Sciences Association

Board of Directors at Lifespan.io / Life Extension Advocacy Foundation

Stefan Gaillard

Peer Review Advisor

Co-founder of the Journal of Trial and Error

Co-founder of the Dutch Institute for Praxeology

Co-founder of H+ Dojo



Perede is a platform for academic peer review and article translation done like never before. Through using blockchain we enable peer-to-peer transactions between academic individuals and allow transparency in a system that has none.

Not only do we timestamp the actions of the peer review process on the blockchain, but we also provide a new service to accomplish peer reviewing in a non-biased environment.

We will give researchers access to a network of qualified reviewers from around the globe, through a platform where they can upload their articles and have it reviewed or translated by said reviewers.

By circumventing the traditional route with expensive and slow academic journals, we aim to speed up the peer review process, allowing for faster scientific progress.

“One way blockchain technology could help scientists is by reliably collecting and preserving data concerning research activities. This would make it easier to reproduce results in cases where published accounts insufficiently explain methodologies,’’

“Blockchains could also be used to track each transaction in the peer-review process, which could build trust in the process by recognizing reviewers’ efforts and potentially rewarding them with digital currency. And open blockchains would generate information such as how frequently researchers collect measurements, enabling people to look beyond metrics such as publications and citations"

Andy Extance, Nature, December 18th, 2017

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